Monday, December 1, 2014

10am- Breakfast: 1 pop tart

feelings:  This morning was crazy at work, so I wasn't even hungry until 10, when usually I eat as soon as I sit down at 8.  This was a pretty good breakfast, but only because it only had to last 2 hours.  I was hungry at noon.

12:20pm- Lunch: lean pocket, 1 serving rf wheat thins, carrot and celery sticks, tiny m&m packet, teeny 3 musketeers

feelings: Besides the candy, all was planned, and it was good.  The candy was brought in by a coworker and was a nice ending to my meal, but I do feel a little guilty about eating it.  Other than that guilt, I feel happy with these decisions, and I don't feel like I overate, even though I ate everything on my plate.

3:30pm- Snack: 1 pop tart

feelings: I decided to definitely wait and see if I got hungry before eating this, planning to possibly eat it on the way home from work.  But I got hungry at 3:30, so I went ahead and ate the 2nd pop tart.  This is still one of my favorite foods ever.  I have found that any food that I keep at work, I eat in moderation.  This goes back to my closet eating issues, because I almost never overeat in public.  I don't have the desire to overeat, and especially don't have the desire to binge eat, unless I am alone.

7:30pm- Dinner: leftover turkey mixed with green beans, onion, cous-cous and evoo

feelings: This was really ridiculously good.  And I'm officially done with the turkey meat!  I was super satisfied with a bowlful of this leftover meal.  I also feel good about myself for cooking.

9pm- Snack: chips and a snack cake

feelings:  I wish that I had just drank some water and gone to bed.  Wasn't hungry.  Feeling guilty and kind of gross.  It wasn't a binge, though.  Just a snack.  One portion of chips and one snack cake.  Could have been worse.