Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10-11am- Breakfast: pop tarts

feelings:  Yes, I ate both pop tarts again, and no I don't feel badly about it.  I need to accept that if there are pop tarts nearby, I will not be eating something else for breakfast unless someone has made me pancakes with peanut butter syrup (a family tradition) or it's the day after my birthday (in which case I will eat a piece of cake) or Christmas morning (generally reserved for sugar cookies and candy).  I love pop tarts.  I love sweets in the morning.  Semi-annually I crave eggs or meat for breakfast, but generally when I wake up I want something sweet.  I ate one tart at 10 and another at 11.

1:30pm- Lunch: Lean Pocket and wheat thins

feelings:  Lunch was spent running errands, so I ate this at my desk.  It was pretty tasty, and I feel pretty neutral about it.  I forgot to grab my carrots and celery, so that will probably be my afternoon snack today instead of part of lunch.  That or yogurt, because I have one in the fridge here.  Anyway, neutral feelings.  Satisfied.

4:30pm- Snack/Early Dinner: baby shower foods! Small slice of pizza, handful of pita chips, a few cheese cubes, about 6oz red wine, 1/2 Bud Lite (gross, but it was Mom's favorite beer and the only beer at the party), two 1/2 pieces of cake (one red velvet, one ice cream)

feelings:  Yeah, kind of a junky meal, but it was delicious, and I didn't overeat.  In fact, I actually snuck a picture of my leftover cake because I was so proud that I stopped once I realized that I wasn't hungry at all anymore.  I just enjoyed my co-workers' company and had a good time.  I originally felt like shit because my gifts were shitty compared to everyone else's (I am clearly the poor muggle in a crowd of financial wizards) but they are such kind people that all I heard was genuine thank you's and oohs and aahs over my measly gifts from the crowd.  I love my coworkers.

9pm- snack: cereal bar and 1oz baggie of chips

feelings: I totally just wanted something to snack on while I watched YouTube before bed.