Thursday, December 11, 2014

7-8am- breakfast: too many pop tarts

feelings:  I ate four pastries in my car.  I don't know why I did this.  EXCEPT that I am freaking exhausted for lack of sleep last night.  I can't wait for Stacey to get a car!!!  Picking him up late at night when I have to work the next morning SUCKS.  Now I'm 800 calories in the hole (DAMMIT BRAIN STOP COUNTING CALORIES!!!) and it's not even 9am.  I felt really shitty about this food decision until I stepped back and asked "why" and realized that I was exhausted.  My body and brain were craving sugar and caffeine (or... sleep.).  Time to just drink some coffee and some water, and to listen to what my body says next.

12:30pm- lunch: chicken and dumplings (chef-boy-ardee type bowl); handful of pita chips, tablespoon or so of guac

feelings:  This felt like the right amount of food, but I'm craving a salad still.  I'm going to have salads next week!  Salads............................... with creamy dressing and something crunchy on top (not too much).