Monday, December 8, 2014

8:30am- breakfast: pop tart

feelings: Yep, I'm not going to let a shitty weekend stop me from enjoying my pop tarts this week.  For some reason, I bought two boxes so I have enough for breakfast all week long.  Apparently this is going to be a pop tart week.

10:30am- snack: half of 2nd pop tart

feelings:  I got hungry, but then got busy so I only ate half and plan to bring it to lunch with me.  Feeling positive.

12pm- lunch: tuna salad, guacamole, crackers, small cookie

feelings: feeling neutral about this lunch.  Didn't end up eating 2nd half of pop tart.  Throwing it away.  Feeling positive about throwing away part of a pop tart.

3:30pm- snack: mugful of tortilla chips

feelings: feeling neutral.  Eating in response to hunger, nothing more.  I am going to go ahead and write a meal plan for the rest of the week, this time including the weekend, since I did so much better on days that I had a plan for some reason, even if I didn't follow the plan at all. 

7:30pm- dinner and dessert: McDonald's #1 and a pudding cup

feelings: physical pain an hour later, but no emotional pain so I guess it's a win?  I remember now why I don't eat Big Macs...  This pudding is amazing.  It's the JELLO brand, dark chocolate mousse, no sugar added.  DeLISH.