Monday, December 15, 2014

7:30am- ???- less than a quarter of a Little Debbies cherry pie

feelings:  I don't like the cherry filling, so I only ate around the edges, which taste like a glazed donut.  Stacey is out of town for the week, and left these behind and I think that I will probably leave the rest for him because they are gross.

11am- ???- craisins and string cheese

feelings:  I'm  just not that hungry today so far.  But I brought some snacks to work with me, including craisins and string cheese.  I also had pop tarts here, but I just wasn't craving them this morning.  I could really have gone for a high-protein breakfast today, like an omelet with a side of sausage or bacon.  It's almost 11:30 now and I am starting to get hungry for lunch.  Feeling pretty neutral about today's eats so far.

11:45am- lunch: lean pocket, carrot sticks, pita chips

feelings: Feeling pretty positive today, though I do kind of want to binge tonight.  I think it's just that closet eating mentality that I have when home alone.  It just sounds like so much fun to stuff myself silly while binge-watching some random Netflix show.  But I need to remind myself that I have tons of healthy food to eat this week.  Maybe a bag of popcorn while watching Y&R and then cooking a healthy late-night dinner.  Must find healthy alternatives to binge-eating.  Had a serving of pita chips and a box of craisins, and still have half of each left.

3:15pm- snack: craisins and pita chips

feelings:  Leftover from lunch.  Yum.  Busy day at work.  Have hardly had time to breathe, let alone think about food.