Tuesday, December 2, 2014

6:30am- granola bar

feelings: This was pure energy.  I was freaking exhausted because I woke up an hour earlier than planned...  This was to stay awake while driving.  Wasn't hungry.  Felt justified eating though, because I was way too tired to drive otherwise.

8-10am- Breakfast: 2 pop tarts

feelings: I ate one at 8 and the other at 10.  I was actually hungry both times, but I am feeling some guilt because all I've eaten today is junk. 

12pm- Lunch: beefaroni bowl, celery and carrot sticks

feelings: I ate with my fun co-workers, and I ate the noodles very slowly.  This is one of my favorite work meals, because I am able to eat it slowly enough to spread it out over 45 minutes or so.  I don't know why I can't do this with other lunches.  Drinking coffee now.  Feeling satisfied with my lunch choices and happy with my day, but a little frustrated about a tiff that I had with Stacey this morning.

7pm- Dinner/snack combo: leftover chicken mixed with broccoli and rice, with a side of cottage cheese and fruit.

feelings:  I definitely waited too long between eating, because I was starving by this time.  This was really tasty.  I'm getting really good at heating up leftover meat and making a meal out of it with some veggies, grains, and spices.  I cooked the chicken with some cream of chicken soup and vegetables a couple of days ago in the crock pot, and added some broccoli and rice to it, and the result was delicious!  I feel proud of myself for cooking dinner two days in a row.  Perhaps I'm learning a new routine of cooking when I come home from work.

8pm- snack: ice cream

feelings: I ate this pretty shortly after dinner, so I'm confident that it wasn't hunger eating.  It was taste eating.  I wanted something sweet!  Two scoops and done.  No guilt.

9pm- 1oz bag chips

feelings: Again, taste hunger.  I wanted something salty to finish my day with.  No guilt, but I'm unhappy with this decision because my stomach hurts.  Tomorrow I will try to stick with the meal plan better.