Tuesday, December 9, 2014

8:30am- breakfast: chocolate chip cookie

feelings:  This was an office leftover from a bunch of soft bakery goodies that a coworker brought in.  I told myself that if there were any left today, I would enjoy one for breakfast.  And there just so happened to be a cookie left!  It was either this, or a chocolate chip cookie pop tart, so really I think it was okay.  I brought a banana with me to work, so I think that I will enjoy that in the next hour or two because I think that the odds of a single cookie keeping me full all morning are slim.  But feeling neutral about the choice.  It tasted really good.

11:15am- snack: banana

feelings: Okay, so this was my first banana this week and it tasted pretty good.  I challenged myself to eat a banana a day this work week, but I'm fine starting today.  Feeling positive about the decision. 

12pm- lunch: pita chips and rf wheat thins with guacamole, half slice of cake

feelings: I love eating chips and dip as a meal, especially when I don't overeat.  I'm not sure if I overate or not, but I probably had 20 pita chips and 10 wheat thins and a quarter cup of guac.  It felt okay at the time; did not feel like too much.  I guess I feel neutral about it.  Sipping coffee now.

4:30pm- snack: quarter of a biscotti

feelings:  Another office treat.  Didn't taste very good, which is why I didn't even half finish it.

8:30pm- dinner: salmon, steamed veggies, cous-cous

feelings: This was amazing, but I was STARVING by dinner, so I almost immediately ate a snack.  Anyway, it was so good and I felt amazing for eating such a healthy feast.  Stacey was home, so he also enjoyed it. 

9pm- snack: popcorn

feelings:  Nothing like watching In & Out with some popcorn.