Thursday, December 4, 2014

6am- pre-breakfast: cereal bar

feelings: Meh.  This was an attempt to wake up and also because I was bored and waiting on Stacey.

8:30-9:30am- actual breakfast: yogurt and granola bar

feelings: Very satisfying and I still have half of the granola bar and a banana left if I get hungry before my lunch break.  Feeling positive about the next few days because Stacey and I have been getting into stupid little tiffs every day lately and he is out of town for a few days.  Usually I am sad about this but I think that I need some alone time at home, especially tonight because PETER PAN LIVE!!!

12pm- Lunch: leftover baby shower stuff.  Pita chips with spinach dip, piece of pizza, very tiny slice of red velvet cake

feelings:  OMG YUM.  I brought beefaroni but this was way better.  Now I want chips and dip for lunch every day.  Probably a bad idea.  Anyway, I'm worried that I'm going to talk myself into stopping by a grocery store on the way home to buy junk food for tonight.  What I really want to do is cook a delicious bean, rice, and veggie dish and enjoy it fully while watching Peter Pan.  But sometimes, being home alone and knowing that Stacey is going to be gone for a couple of days gives me the perfect excuse to binge eat.  So I'm worried.  But hopeful.  I think that keeping this journal up is really helping me, and it's only been a week.  I'm glad that I started this blog.  I think that it will really help me to notice patterns of my overeating and binge eating, as well as help me to see other cues.

4:15pm- snack/early dinner: slice of thin crust pizza

feelings:  I was suddenly hungry, so I ate a piece of the leftover pizza.  Neutral about this.

7-10pm- Peter Pan snacks: 3 cereal bars and 2 1oz baggies of chips

feelings:  I didn't feel like cooking.  Those cereal bars are apparently binge-worthy.  I enjoyed Peter Pan Live so super much.  No guilt about these snacks.  Feeling neutral.  Didn't overeat today at all; was hungry for everything I ate.