Sunday, November 30, 2014

11am- Breakfast: toaster strudel, 5 saltine crackers

feelings: I continue to eat until the food is gone instead of listening to my hunger signals.  So I'm full after this meal.  However, I will probably be hungry again soon because this was PURE simple carbs.  This is the kind of breakfast that I'm trying to wean myself away from.  I'm trying to do it in baby steps though, and to make sure to remember that I'm not dieting.  Feeling positive about the day ahead.  I'm going to make this apartment clean and beautiful.

1pm- Lunch: chicken nuggets and steamed vegetables

feelings: This was extremely satisfying, and it was a meal of both convenience and cooking.  The vegetables tasted delicious, and the nuggets satisfied my junk food craving.  I put a bunch of chicken breasts and vegetables in the crock pot at noon.  There should be enough for leftovers for dinners for the next couple of days.  Then I'll make some salmon the same way or have frozen dinners the rest of the week.  I feel that I should come up with a rough meal plan for the work week, which I will post here next.  Feeling positive.  Feeling good.

4pm- Snack: popcorn & two clementines

feelings: After cleaning the house, I settled in for a scary movie with a bowl of popcorn.  Clementines still tasty, but I think that some will end up going bad before we eat them.  Feeling good and positive.

5:45pm- Snack: ice cream

feelings:  Just a few spoonfuls straight from the pint.  :-)  Yum.  Ice cream is my "safe" sweet junk food.  For whatever reason, I never overeat it.  I can eat one scoop and be perfectly happy and satisfied.  My "safe" salty junk food?  Pretzel rods.  I can eat one or two and be fine.  The chicken and vegetable crock pot dish is done, but Stacey won't be home for another hour, so I will make some brown rice to go with it and serve a nice dinner for us before we go grocery shopping.  This will be a nice change of pace, or at least a healthy one,  since usually we grocery shop hungry and come home with pizza and chips then proceed to split the pie and the bag together.

7:30pm- Dinner: chicken, vegetables, cous-cous

feelings:  I am so satisfied!  I have a much easier time listening to my hunger signals when I'm eating "real" food.  This was pretty delicious, and mostly healthy.  Feeling good about the choice to eat before grocery shopping.

Meal Plan - Work Week


breakfast: granola bar, yogurt, banana
lunch: beefaroni, celery and carrot sticks
afternoon snack: granola bar
after work snack: cottage cheese and fruit
dinner: chicken and broccoli
evening snack: 1oz chips, 1 scoop ice cream


breakfast: 1 pop tart, banana
lunch: Lean Pocket, wheat thins, celery and carrot sticks
afternoon snack: 1 pop tart
after work snack: cottage cheese and fruit
dinner: beans, rice, vegetables, evoo
evening snack: 1 scoop ice cream


breakfast: granola bar, yogurt, banana
lunch: chicken salad lunch kit (Bumblebee), celery and carrot sticks
afternoon snack: 1 pop tart
after work/evening: unplanned.  Maybe frozen pizza and popcorn?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

10am- Breakfast: sausage, oatmeal, 2 clementines

feelings:  I felt pretty satisfied with this meal, but I wanted to continue to eat.  I had half of the oatmeal still left, and didn't want THAT, so I safely assumed that the reason that I wanted to keep eating wasn't hunger.  The clementines are perfection right now.  There are 10 left, so I will probably eat more later.  I cooked the sausage and the oats on the stove, which made this feel more special than my usual breakfasts.

1pm- Lunch: Turkey, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce

feelings: Some of the last of the Thanksgiving meal leftovers!  I love this kind of food.  I wonder why there are so many foods that I really only allow myself to enjoy once a year.  I almost never eat these foods outside of Thankgiving and Christmas, even though I love them a lot.  I wonder if I could eat chips or pizza semi-annually some day?  I wish that I didn't love those foods so much...  Anyway, this was a good meal, but I feel a little stuffed.  I think that I ate too quickly and also probably too soon after breakfast. It's hard to not constantly eat when I'm home alone.  Why is that?  Too much closet eating since Mom died?  I think that may be it.  Just a habit now.

3pm- Snack: bread and peanut butter, followed shortly by 1oz baggie of chips

feelings: This wasn't a binge, but I wasn't actually hungry.  I just desired to be FULL.  I wanted to eat until I was slightly uncomfortable.  I don't know why.  I do feel kind of inadequate and useless today, because it's my third day off in a row and the house is still a mess.  I find myself wanting even more food an hour later, but I'm going to drink some water since I haven't had any yet, and I doubt that I'm actually hungry.

4:30pm- Snack: granola bar and yogurt

feelings: I was not hungry.  I feel shitty for continuing to eat knowing that it's not in response to hunger.  It's because I'm bored, and procrastinating housework.  It's after 5 now, and I need to clean the kitchen, the bathroom, and the dining room before I go to bed.  Really, those three rooms will take like an hour to clean, so why am I putting it off?  Sigh.  I also need to shower.  I'm hoping that soon I will get up, do my housework then shower.

7:00pm- Snack: popcorn

feelings:  I finished my housework and ate the popcorn while watching Netflix.  I was hungry and probably should have  had an actual meal instead of popcorn.  Ate to satisfaction.  Feeling happy with this food choice.

8:45pm- Dinner: chicken alfredo

feelings:  Full.  I think that I ate too much today.  Feeling a bit guilty.  Wanting to make food rules for myself, wanting to diet, wanting to get back on My Fitness Pal and plan a week of meals.  Must resist these dieting thoughts.  Or not.  A few food rules wouldn't be the end of the world...